Why Me?

I have been “teaching” for over twenty years, both in Special Education with children and adults. I have trained Martial Artists, military, Law Enforcement, teachers, counselors and anyone who is willing to try. I teach the young and old in an environment that is suited for everyone to be a success. The classes are not ranked and there is no belt system as everyone is treated as an equal.

My Martial Arts Ranks

  • - Black belt in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
  • - Black belt in Kali (Filipino martial arts)
  • - Full instructor in Rapid Assault Tactics (Navy SEAL system)
  • - Head coach for the New Tiger knife fighting team
  • - Para-educator in Special Education with children, at risk teens and adults. 
  • - Assistant at Mental Health Facilities
  • - Group counselor at Juvenile Hall. 

My Background

I am the owner and Head Instructor at New Tiger Martial Arts.  My background in training is…

I have been training and teaching self-defense/Martial Arts for over Two Decades.  My clients are Federal Agents, Police Officers, Military Personnel, Healthcare Employees, Department of Correction, business professionals, teachers and those just interested in Martial Arts.  I have taught seminars in England and the United States.

I have worked in different security positions around the bay area, most notably in Psychiatric facilities for the county.  For the past 15 years I have been employed as a Paraprofessional and Life Skills instructor for a bay area school district.  This has afforded me to work with mentally and physically challenged individuals and groups. I also work part-time as a Teaching Assistant and Security Officer for at risk Teenagers in Santa Clara County.   I work part time at Juvenile Hall as a counselor for the incarcerated youth.  My goals in counseling and coaching today’s youth is to heighten awareness of one’s own potential and help them achieve their goals through their own willingness to grow and learn.  My goal through teaching Martial Arts is to make reality-based training accessible to all citizens of the community.

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